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Whether once in a lifetime celebrations or everyday occasions, our mission is to inspire you to live beautifully and love extravagantly. We create events with classic style, timeless details, and gracious charm. We value community and love to incorporate details to increase meaningful connection and create beautiful experiences for you, your family, and friends.

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LILIAS AND OLIVE is a boutique lifestyle brand specializing in wedding planning and event design. We approach each of our celebrations with an eye for timelessness and refinement. We believe in the power of "and".  This is reflective in our style of modern and traditional when creating once in a lifetime events and celebrating the every day. We believe in collaboration, which means bringing the most talented artisans to the table who help turn your dreams to reality which become your most cherished memories. 

 LILIAS & OLIVE was founded by JoBeth McElhanon.  Known for her love of hospitality, she has a rich mixture of professional experiences.  As a registered dietitian and a lifelong Southerner, she knows the joy a well-planned menu brings to a celebration - as a feast for eyes and the palate. Her eye for sophistication and an unparalleled attention to detail were assets in her time as a lifestyle blogger and wedding photographer. Most recently, her experiences in over a decade of non profit leadership have helped her to discover ways to make the most impact with any budget. She has grown her passion for finding unique ways to create connection within the event and to the community by infusing what is meaningful to you. This extensive range of professional experience, along with exceptional client service, joyful connections, and a passion for beautiful details allows JoBeth to curate memorable events that delight all the senses for you, your family, and friends.




Weddings, Galas, Luncheons, Showers, Holiday Parties, Anniversaries, Milestone Birthdays, Intimate Dinners

Whether small or large, we create captivating settings in timeless style to reflect who you are. 



Creativity and Connection is the foundation on which LILIAS & OLIVE is built.  We believe that special occasions should be perfectly planned. We also believe this same level of perfection should not be applied to day to day opportunities to connect with our family, neighbors, and friends to be. Our aim in the day to day is to share ways to build community around your table. 

We believe every event big or small, once in a lifetime or ordinary-every-day-life presents opportunities to live beautifully and love extravagantly. 

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"The table has long been the gathering place for celebrations and connection. I love to pull my professional experiences together to create beautiful, classically styled events tailored for my clients. I also love to take those special event elements to inspire hospitality and connection in every day life. "  

- JoBeth McElhanon

Founder & Creative Director



From scouting a perfect venue, to transforming an ordinary event to an exceptional experience, we will assist clients throughout the design and planning process. LILIAS & OLIVE will design the event’s overall aesthetic, coordinate vendors, guide the process, and handle the behind the scenes management that allows you to relax, connect with family, friends, and guests, and enjoy your event.




  • Event Design and Full Coordination 

  • Event Design and Partial Coordination

  • Weddings, Anniversaries, Galas, Intimate Dinner Parties and Celebrations

  • Collaborations for Styling & Inspired Hospitality

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